Help Your MP Learn War Law

Describe your idea:

How much does your MP know about the legality of the war(s) s/he voted for (and defence & security issues in general)?

Without being a legal expert, you can use this site to help:

* find out what they know

* teach them what they need to know

* build better legal FAQs for MPs.

You just send one letter picking up where the previous writer left off.

The letter:

* politely asks for explanation of one difference between your MP’s views and neutrally-edited ‘FAQs’

* offers to change the FAQs if wrong (and if supporting evidence is supplied).

The site later asks you how helpful your MP’s reply was, and awards brownie points to helpful MPs (notified to local media).

What problem does it solve?:

SOCIETY’S PROBLEM: Wars, policies and methods of armed conflict which are of doubtful legality.

THE MPs’ PROBLEM: Before I vote, I want independent legal advice: everything I need to know, on one side of A4.


I’m isolated. I want to meet others writing to MPs on the same topic.

Each MP has different assumptions, needs tailored FAQs.

My MP fobs me off with stock replies, does not answer my points and ends with ‘I hope this is helpful’.

The site could also be used for correspondence with officials and other decision-makers.

Type of idea: A brand new project