Describe your idea:

Faced with ever more choices, and even more varied views or opinions, decision-making is increasingly complex. It’s even harder to reach UNITY & COMMITMENT when more than one person is involved because no-one is formally trained in decision-making. Clearly society would benefit from a simple and easy to use methodology which helps us choose the best option

Such an innovative methodology has been developed, tried and tested, and needs to be launched on the Internet FREE of charge as well as FREE of all Advertising, Subscriptions and Donations. And yet it will be highly lucrative. It should become the de facto standard for decision-making, for ANY decision involving ANY number of people

What problem does it solve?:

TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY – because the rationale of every decision is succinctly documented in a universally understandable way AND OPEN TO SCRUTINY.

Plus enabling anyone to choose the best, e.g.

VOTERS – party/candidate



FINANCIAL SERVICES – product/service

CORPORATIONS/BOARDS – strategy, tactic, policy (governance)

PROCUREMENT – Supplier(s)

PHYSICIANS – medicine/course of treatment

CONSUMERS – product/service

PARENTS/TEACHERS – school, university, career for students etc

Above all, co-deciders reach UNITY & COMMITMENT to the best option

Type of idea: A brand new project