Where is our society heading?

Describe your idea:

A website which allows people to understand and influence the wider context of policy debates.
Site would present a simplified summary view of the issues facing the UK, and the plans to address these issues.
This may include:
– forecasts of major issues facing the UK in the next 5/10/20 years; split according to sector (health, economy, education, etc) aggregated from think tanks, UK Gov departments…
– UK Gov departmental plans; political party manifestos; budgets; other suggested solutions.
– how these elements interact, to show the direction the UK is being taken by each major policy debate.
Site will allow users to filter this information, and perhaps comment against these elements. Site may be delivered in “wiki” style.

What problem does it solve?:

A plethora of information is available from taxpayer funded (and other) sources looking at future issues for the UK, and the plans to address these. Nowhere is this brought together in an easily digestible format.
Our politicians and media set an agenda that chooses to focus on single policy issues in isolation and in a very narrow focus.
It is hard for people to retain perspective, to compare competing solutions in a wider context, and to form an opinion of the relative importance of that particular debate.
This understanding is vital for each of us to hold our elected representatives to account and would naturally tie in well with other mySociety offerings.
In short, what is the plan and how are we doing against it?

Type of idea: A brand new project

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  1. See also myGovernmentData for a related project that would serve to collate currently available government data, and could be extended to include forecasts from various government agencies and others.