Have your say

Describe your idea:

Easy read version of “write to them” and “Fix my street”. An “Easy” or “with pictures” version of these to facilities, aimed at people with learning disabilities to increase their participation in democracy. When you go to either website, say “Write to them”, there is a “with pictures” or “Easy read” button which opens the same facility but made accessible for people with learning disabilities. See this website of a current project United Response is working on for an example http://www.everyvotecounts.org.uk/

What problem does it solve?:

Most people with learning disabilities (an estimated 1.5M in UK)are excluded from participation in democratic processes by social barriers and lack of access to information and, in this case, easy tools to invite their participation. Easy read, with pictures, versions of your participative sites would help greatly to solve this problem by adding easy tools for people to have a say.

Type of idea: New feature for an existing project