Virtual CAB

Describe your idea:

The site is linked in with sites of local Citizens’ Advice Bureaux (CABs) (who hopefully help to fund it). It provides their online services – what this consists of would depend on resources and would hopefully increase as time goes on, but examples are information on a variety of subjects, automatic submission of some forms such as benefit or housing application forms, appointment booking for personal visits to local CABs, contact details for other agencies and information sources, etc.

What problem does it solve?:

Local Citizens’ Advice Bureaux provide an invaluable service giving free advice to people often in desperate circumstances – advice on debt management, benefits, housing, discrimination, court proceedings, etc. The umbrella body Citizens’ Advice collates information from the caseload and uses it to inform its well-respected policy proposals and lobbying to government. Unfortunately CABs seldom have the resources to meet the need for their services. Most or all provide online advice services to help reach more people, but unfortunately, funding arrangements mean they all do this independently, and the quality of the online services is very variable. AdviceForAll would help to improve and standardise the service they offer.

Type of idea: A brand new project