Describe your idea:

1. Add layers (mysociety or other providers): Crime map, Fixmystreet stat data, Pollution map, Schools availability, Shopping Malls, Link map with (scenic or not) pictures and rethink possibilities of Google street view, Interface with live real-estate databases (multiple providers) for concrete results

2. Broaden scope: e.g Business assisted in choosing an ideal location (other incentives/ criteria apply such as “how many other hairdressers are in the area?”). Go EU-wide.

3. Sell as a service to: A) other websites (Real-Estate, Business Advisors etc) where they could upload their own data layer on it. B) Public/ Local Admin: they add layers that help them extract trends / understand issues (you collect data / build layers)

What problem does it solve?:

It uses the tremendous interface (congrats!!) and embeds other (mysociety or external) services and datasets / layers to enhance the service offered to the citizen, the Business and Public Sector

Type of idea: New feature for an existing project