For The People by The People !

Describe your idea:

My idea is to enable people to come together and create their own “laws” – codes of conduct by which they will all agree to live society by.

These would cover finance, health, crime, pollution etc.

Currently, MPs meet to discuss proposals to change the law (Bills). These are then discussed and debated in Parliament before being passed to House of Lords for agreement.

The House of Commons and House of Lords must agree on it. Finally, for this Bill to become law, the Queen must give it her consent.

What problem does it solve?:

Instead of letting Parliament, Heads of State and other ruling bodies make laws which could take years – why not let people create their own ?

People will be able to explore ancient and current laws of every nation on Earth.

They will decide laws, then vote for the best ones and ways in which it can be implemented in their country or populous.

To make it credible, the agreed law must be adhered to by everyone who has agreed to live by it.

Who knows, once a majority of people have decided to create and live by these new laws – this may create an impotus whereby its positive effect and visible change will force governments to make it a reality.


Type of idea: A brand new project


  1. I like the idea of letting people other than Civil Servants having a try at drafting legislation.

    There are some laws I would support but would not be willing to live by unless everyone else also had to live by the same laws. This may make me sound hypocritical but it is not really.

    Suppose there was no law requiring people travelling by train on a particular line to buy a ticket and I thought there should be and that the total cost of running the line should be paid for through ticket revenue with ticket prices set accordingly.

    If I was the only one living by this law I could end up paying for the whole cost of the line while everyone else travelled for free.

    In many cases however this would not be a problem so I would encourage the idea. I wonder if you could get people to voluntarily pay more tax ring fenced for particular purposes – that would be radical.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    These laws can ONLY be made law depending on the agreement of people who choose and vote for it.

    It won’t be fair if only one person objects to a law and has to pay for the others – as the example you gave about travelling on a train. This is about common agreement – what laws would benefit us all ?

    Also, you could set up a new law for a small community consisting of just 30 people in the Outer Hebrides. They would all agree on good laws and abide by them. It is THEIR law of THEIR land NOT the UK Government.

    It is about how we, the people, want to choose how we govern ourselves.