The Data Haven

Author: Taiwan Challenges

Describe your idea:

Database established by charter or international treaty. Individuals may register and use DB to store personal data, own content, and metadata. Organisations given access by permission only

Username is common to any participating website, and data is displayed wherever user chooses.

eg user updates blog at blogger, and same post may appear on facebook profile but user retains ownership. Friends list, twitter followings, etc are also property of user. Profiles on sites can be closed without loss of data, user retains control.

What problem does it solve?:

1. Personal data need not be provided to commercial organisations. In fact, the DB could offer a ‘verified identity’ feature that allows users to be certified as qualified to use certain features without loss of privacy.

2. User-content remains the user’s property and is only shared with ‘portal’ sites.

3. Leaving a site does not mean losing content or struggling to move it to another site.

4. Organisations are prevented from building up detailed pictures of individuals’ habits, relationships, or preferences.

5. DB collects more metadata than any one site could, which can be made available anonymously – with permission – to participating organisations for targetted advertising, etc

Type of idea: A brand new project