Write to Your Embassy

Describe your idea:

Adapt ‘They work for you’ and ‘Write to your MP’ to use with the diplomatic community. The data would include British Embassies around the world and other nations with Embassies here in the UK. The FCO publishes overseas embassies and UK embassies here: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/about-the-fco/what-we-do/building-strong-relationships-ol/foreign-embassy-uk/ in PDF which could be scraped. This could be a new data set for the TWFY platform.

What problem does it solve?:

This would lower the barrier to engagement in contacting your representatives around the world. There is a travel safety app for this with possible commercial product with e.g. Lonely Planet. But the social and civic app would be to partner with an org like Amnesty International – allowing citizens to contact relevant embassies about human rights concerns. This takes traditional mass letter writing campaigns online for a new sector.

Type of idea: New feature for an existing project


  1. About 2 months ago I emailed the Pakistan Embassy regarding persecution of Christians in parts of rural Pakistan. To date I have not had the courtesy of a response. It would therefore be useful to have a service which archived such letters and which also prompted more diplomatic courtesy.

  2. I was recently motivated to write to an overseas British embassy about a pressing human rights matter in that country. I didn’t get a reply either. Given the number of human rights abuses around the world, I would have thought that there was a need for such a new feature. It could be extended to include an option to write to Ministries of foreign governments (Foreign Offices especially). So, when a particularly outrageous human rights transgression is under way, pressure could be brought to bear quickly and easily without having to search the Web for phone and fax numbers and email addresses.