mySociety Call for Proposals 2009

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Do you have a ‘mySocietyish’ idea that you’d like to see become reality? Is there something radical about the sites we already run that should change? Do you have any smart ideas about helping more people to benefit from the services we already offer? Or would you just like to read and comment on ideas submitted by other people?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we’d like you to submit your idea to our 2009 Call for Proposals (built for us by Richard Pope). We’ve run these twice before in 2003 and 2006, resulting in the launch and success of sites such as WriteToThem and WhatDoTheyKnow.

Just as on previous occasions we’ll pick a winner and some runners up, but also just as before we can only promise to do our best – we don’t have the resources to solemnly promise to build the winner, whatever it might be.

What We’re Looking For (or, an insight into the mySociety mindset)

The characteristics of the winning and runner up ideas are highly likely to include one or more of the following factors. Don’t try and include all of them, that’d be silly 🙂

  1. They have to involve the Internet. We don’t do clay modelling.
  2. They will capitalise on one or more things that the Internet does really well, better than offline or other forms. WhatDoTheyKnow, for example, seizes on the fact that email can be simultaneously published and rerouted – a simple but critical insight.
  3. They will either be a whole new website idea, or a smart and impactful modification of something we already do.
  4. They will be ideas that have clear social, civic or democratic benefits that are really easy to explain to the least political person you know, even if the technology behind them is fiendishly complicated.
  5. They will have some characteristic that will widely spread the word that the service exists, or that other mySociety services exist.
  6. They will offer brilliant value for money, even if they’re expensive to build in the first instance.
  7. They will be genuinely new ideas
  8. They won’t contain the phrase ‘social media’

We might well change these guidelines a bit as the first responses come in. The call will stay open until September 15th, and we’ll hope to announce the winners in early October.

So what are you waiting for – check out the 2009 Call for Proposals


  1. Are you only looking for ideas having to do with the UK or are you accepting proposals for sites relevant to other countries or the EU?

  2. Christoforos Korakas

    Great Idea!!

    I would leave this as a permanent feature of this site … and keep the ideas submitted public … (after your selection process) Even ideas that do not get materialized as described now could trigger other ideas or implementations that could .. in the future …

  3. Construct a website to evidence that the ePetitions website (part of No 10) actually makes a difference in some way shape or form, since every one I’ve ever read is dismissed out of hand.

  4. It would be useful if you could clarify whether the proposals should be restricted to ‘UK cyberspace’ or whether they can be international in scope, or precisely how specific to the UK they must be.