Community Planning

Describe your idea:

A mirror of FixMyStreet where people can suggest and discuss improvements to their neighbourhood.

e.g. I think there should be a flowerbed/speedbump/tree/gate here because …

When an idea gets sufficient support (a few interested people) they get put on a mailing list together and get a set of tools to help them lobby for their chosen project

What best describes your idea?: A brand new project


  1. I think there is a demand for this.

    Just as FixMyStreet solves the problem of not knowing who to call about a problem; there’s a need to know who to approach to get something done.

    Requests for dropped curbs, ramps or other solutions to help those with wheelchairs or buggies to get up curbs are common requests in Cambridge. It would be useful to have a more open, transparent and accessible system for making suggestions for improvements than that various arms of Government mange to offer at the moment.

    I think this could integrate well with other mySociety tools.

  2. Any suggestions for a name?

    I totally agree with this, I think this is a whorthwhile proposal. Probably more simple to create than alot of proposals already suggested.