TheyWorkForYou Redesign

Richard Pope has been redesigning mySociety’s biggest site for a couple of months.

He’s done a heroic job, as has Matthew with his epic import of Hansard data from 1935 onwards.  TheyWorkForYou is a much better site for their combined work recently. We’ll be writing more on the historic stuff soon.

There are a few things I’d like from you as a member of the mySociety community:

1. Please say a big thanks to Richard. This was not an easy or relaxing task at all, and he’s done it brilliantly. Just check a Lords debate to see the attention to detail. We are a very lucky organisation to have him, as he’s always in demand.

2. Please give some constructive criticism on how it could be even better (please note, focussing on design here, we already have a load of feature priorities to deliver).

3. Anyone who could help supply a redesigned logo, or some nicely processed parliamentary-themed artwork to sit in the background grey-boxes on the homepage would be doing a very Good Deed for mySociety.

And lastly, please do pledge to become a TheyWorkForYou Patron, so we can keep doing things like this in the future!


  1. Richard Gadsden

    If someone has some time to organise it and select a winner, I’d drop £50 towards a logo design contest on something like

  2. To me, everything seems huge now. The banner and top two navbars seem to have too much padding.

    Even zooming out one notch in Firefox (Ctrl + minus) looks much nicer.

  3. Nice slight of hand in the comments section 🙂

    I’m looking at the lords speeches page you link to, on the right hand side section. It might be nice to put the text that’s black “(Citation: HL Deb, 1 July 2009, c227)” and “(e.g. more info, blog post or wikipedia article)” in this section as mouseover visible text on the blue menu items to which they refer “link to this” “hansard source” and “add an annotation”.

    This would look cleaner and still be consistent with the way you’re dealing with links and explanatory notes in the highlighted main speech text and names etc.

  4. Hi Kat 🙂 Actually the citation was the title text for one of the links for ages, but absolutely no-one knew it was there/ how to get it. I agree it could be cleaner, but I do want the reference to be visible somehow – probably just a bit of tweaking needed.