FixMyStreet iPhone

I’m very excited to announce that the iPhone app for FixMyStreet is now live and available for download on the App Store (link opens the App Store in iTunes). You can now record a problem when out and about with your iPhone, using its camera and GPS, ready for checking and submitting to the council. Hopefully people will find this useful! 🙂

Download FixMyStreet iPhone on the App Store.


  1. I’ll definately find it useful! Found out about FixMyStreet through online reports about this App! Great idea!

  2. There is no way to cancel a report once you have started except holding down the home button to force quit out of the app.

  3. Hi Pete,

    I’m not sure what you mean, I’m afraid. If you decide you don’t want to make a report, then you simply quit the app as with any other application on the iPhone? When you return to the app, your previous data is still there (in case you only had to look at something else briefly, e.g. a phone call), but you can overwrite it simply by changing the information. If you meant something else, please do let me know.

  4. Fantastic! Unfortunately I have just upgraded to a Blackberry Bold, it would be fantastic to see this platform supported as well. I already use the Blackberry to photograph and geotag my reports but I still have to spend a lot of time entering reports on the website when I get home.

  5. Rob:

    Unfortunately this seems to be a problem of the iPhone platform and not the fault of the individual apps. It’s particularly common with apps installed directly onto the phone (I don’t know if this is true in your case), and the solutions include:

    1) Power the phone right off and restart it (hold both buttons down until the red slider appears).


    2) Delete the app and re-install it via iTunes.

    Unfortunately this is not something Matthew’s likely to be able to fix, as it’s probably not the app causing the problem!

  6. Nice one, this works great. It would be nice though to have a “clear” or “cancel” button that wiped the current data and let you start again from scratch.

  7. Jeff: Sorry, I didn’t want to get lots of support mail from irate non-GB users asking why it didn’t work 🙂 When you’re in Britain, would the App Store let you download it then?

    Matt: Thanks. I did think about this, but decided that a clear button was superfluous, given you can simply overwrite whatever’s there (the “x” icon on the text fields clear those). It might be slightly untidy to a person with a clear mind, but I’m sure they’ll cope 🙂

  8. Sorry, I dont find this useful because I have a Symbian Device!

    Now in isolation, my statement sounds rather selfish. BUT, if you had to pick one platform, why didnt you go for the one with the biggest market share, eg Symbian (over 50%). Or even better, do a Midlet which runs on an ever wider percentage of mobile phones in use?

  9. Because I didn’t want to learn Java and already knew C? 🙂 Seriously, the fact there is now an interface to post to FixMyStreet, we hope applications for other platforms will be written; this has been discussed on our mailing list multiple times recently, with a few volunteers interested or already writing.

  10. Hi.I live in sheffield and pass thro South Anston quite a lot ,for the passed 2 months i have noticed on the (A57) Keep Left bollards unlit,I would have thought that would be a priority as i think is very dangerous espeally when travelling from worksop hope you will look into this matter Regards P.Sheldon

  11. I have just downloaded the iPhone app and there is no ‘Your Details’ section.
    Please advise if this is a design change and whether any personal details are submitted.

  12. No changes have been made to the iPhone application. Your Details won’t appear until it’s needed, ie. when you first try and make a report. Only data you provide is submitted to the site, and nothing is sent to an external council without your confirmation later on.

  13. I would love this on my Android G1 (

    Failing that being able to start a report by uploading a geo-tagged photo would be awesome.

    Many GPS enabled phones embed the location data into the images, check the exif data and you can often see long and lat coords.

  14. Hiya

    Why has the iPod touch been excluded? Just because it doesn’t have a phone and built in GPS doesn’t mean it isn’t useful!

    I can tether it to my mobile phone ( wireless 3G ) or just use it when I have wireless access.

    Please enable this app for the iPod touch


  15. 1 live at geltside,high heworth lane, felling, tyne and wear.when cable tv was installed a few years ago,the pavement was patched up by the council,and i mean patched up.the bottom end of the street was remade with red tarmac and looks very nice, but from the island at the bottom of watermill lane up to the ship inn is in a deplorable state. i have e-mailed the council and was informed that the matter was in hand, but nothing has happened yet. perhaps you could have more success than me.
    yours sincerely. j d douglas

  16. A great app, but I was hoping I would be able to use it to see problems that have been reported around me. Still, you have the most useful functionality in here.

  17. Michael Shears

    I was extremely pleased with the fix my street iphone app. Until OS3.0 was released. Now it doesn’t work properly. When I take a photo and try to use it, it crashes the program.:(

  18. Martin Stephenson

    Street Report is a new Free iPhone app which simplifies submitting reports to FixMyStreet whilst out and about. This new app has been endorsed by the fixmystreet team and is linked on their FAQ.

    Author of StreetReport