For Sale: Two places to mySociety’s yearly retreat

mySociety is auctioning two places on our yearly retreat.

This is only the third such retreat in five years, and it is a super-rare occasion when all the various people who make mySociety tick get together. On these retreats we meet to set our agenda for the next year and try to reassess what we’ve done and what we’re about. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet many of the most talented developers and thinkers in the field of the internet and democracy, people you’d otherwise rarely be able to catch. And it’s a great moment to catch them, pausing for a moment to discuss what we’re about and where we could go next.

I am fully concious that the ticketsare not cheap – we are doing this it is to help us cover our costs as a charity.

The door is not closed to the rest of you – most people on this retreat will be volunteers, and you can be too!