The Wikipedia page your project should be on

Do you run (or just know about) a website a bit like TheyWorkForYou? If so you should make sure it’s on this handy Wikipedia page. It’s definitely out of date because it doesn’t have any US sites on it at all!

Hat Tip: Julian Todd


  1. Even better, you should include a link to this wikipedia page from the front of any Parliamentary Informatics project so that people can find out what other similar projects are happening in the world. That wikipedia page can also act as a meeting point. If we all keep it up to date then this is the only page we need to monitor.

    I’ve revived the archaic and out of date term “web-ring” and put a link from

    I’m open to alternative presentations of this link.

  2. Tried to add a link for my project (analyzes Swedish parliament members), under a added category “Sweden” but was removed by some wiki editor ūüôĀ