has been redesigned

Angie Ahl has finally finished her epic migration of the much neglected site to a shiny new WordPress install. Angie’s been pretty ill whilst doing this, and I’m way beyond hugely impressed by her determination and good cheer whilst getting this done.

Richard Pope has given the site a lick of paint too, and the rest of us have been busily using the CMS to update all the horribly out of date text that littered the old site.

There are many changes, but perhaps most useful for many of you will be the fact that the blog is now fully categorised – so if you want posts or feeds on just one site, or just on technical topics, or on everything, it’s all there for the taking.

Angie (by Tommy Martin)

Angie (by Tommy Martin)

Factoid of the day – the mySociety logo was designed by Matt Jones now of Dopplr fame, and the old site design was Jason Kitcat, now a Green party councillor. There’s online democracy for you.


  1. Hi a little freedom on the site design would be nice with the inclusion of ogv over the propitiatory adobe flash (Which is not supported on my operating system) I am already excluded from most BBC content because of their love affair with adobe it would be great if could lead the way in protecting and providing content to free-software users (and other) in the same way as does wikipedia.

  2. I like the simplicity of the site. Get really fed up (as above) with all the flash and stuff which simply gets in the way for most people. Truth is that few in Uk actually get enough bandwidth to handle heavy pages; I am 10 miles from Norwich and get half a meg which has to be shared between my base PC and up to two laptops! Am busy working with a group to get better – BT and Govt are never going to do it! Hence the value of your site.
    Keep it clean and simple. And make sure the navigation always provides a valid route back!