Amazing Volunteers do Entire Year of TheyWorkForYou Video Clip Timestamping in weeks

The epic task of manually matching each of the 42,019 video clips of MPs was started way, way back, ooh, about 12 whole weeks ago. Two days ago the Number 1 rated volunteer timestamper in our league table, Abi Broom, completed the last clip in our database, bringing her personal tally to 8,543 clips.

Abi Broom, No1 timestamping league table champ

Last night we went out and met with Abi and Robert Whittakker, one of the other super-timestampers who had done over 2,000 himself.

As a result of their efforts, and those of hundreds of other volunteers, we have put all the video that we have of the House of Commons sitting over the last year online, next to the text of the debates. The many thousands of people per day who visit TheyWorkForYou can, as a direct consequence of this work, now see video of most of the debates for the last year. When people embed clips on their own sites, that’ll also be thanks in part to our volunteers.

We went out for ice-cream at the end of the evening.

Robert Whittaker, down in 5th place with a measly 2047 clips to his name

When Parliament starts again in the Autumn there’ll be another 300-400 clips a day to do, but we have a feeling the only problem doing them will be who gets to them first.

In the meantime, we’ll soon be working on another game-like toy to help create more data. Hint – it might have something to do with GroupsNearYou.