Make us a ‘How to Do FOI video’ and win a mySoc hoodie (and eternal fame)

We’re going to be adding lots of features and major design improvements to our Freedom of Information site in the next few weeks. One thing we want to add is little explanatory videos helping describe how to make the best request possible.

Today we’re launching the hastily named WhatDoTheyKnow Video Challenge. We want you to make short videos (max 2 mins) in which you explain in a clear and friendly way how to file successful FOI requests. We’re not expecting Hollywood production values, just a friendly face and a good explanation would do fine. If you can do funny, splendid.

1. Record your vid
2. Upload to your video hosting venue of choice
3. Post the link as a comment to this post

We’ll send out a coveted mySociety hoodie to anyone who makes anything we’d seriously consider using (unless bazillions of people enter, of course – do you want to bankrupt us?). We don’t sell our coveted mySociety hoodies, they’re only for people who’ve done something useful for mySociety so they’ll mark you out as a pillar of the community the first time you walk down the street.


  1. Hi, great idea. What’s the closing date/time please, for those of us who have to schedule time in for these sorts of things? (sad, I know).

  2. There’s no real deadline, but let’s say that the redesigned site should be up in 2-3 weeks and it would be good to have at least one vid up when we start.