mySociety builds widget for Google’s new UK politics site

Google have launched a new UK politics site. mySociety were delighted to be asked to build a TheyWorkForYou widget for this site. There’s no doubt that this sort of modular re-purposing of our information is going to happen a lot more in the future, and it’s great to start out with the best of possible partners.


  1. anonymityisthefuture

    You’ve completely lost either your ethics or your marbles or both if you think that Google is “the best of possible partners” and if you think that contorted nonsense like “modular re-purposing” belongs anywhere other than the fictional world of Star Trek. Get a grip please.

  2. I have been a life-long reader of Time Magazine and have long been envious of the way that they have managed to capture political data and display it in their publications.

    The only previous source for this type of information in the past (as far as I could see) has been the main stream newspaper and television companies. So it is good to see another source for this type of data appearing, teaming up with Google is also good as it gets it out to the masses with very little effort.

    Mike McNamara