Please Donate to help us expand TheyWorkForYou

Some lovely new volunteers have been working their socks off to add the Scottish Parliament to TheyWorkForYou. Yay!

Unfortunately, the server that TheyWorkForYou sits on is almost full, so we can’t launch their hard work. Boo!

TheyWorkForYou isn’t an externally funded project, and we need funding from other sources to keep it growing and improving. So if the season has filled you with generosity of spirit, why not drop us a few pennies to pay for some upgrades? Any extra beyond what we need will go into the general pot to keep mySociety running and the developers from starving.

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  1. Tom

    I did not see this until now, but am not sure about compatriots’ genrosity.

    How about trying to get Sun Microsystems at Livingstone involved ? They are a US multi-national with a big interest in servers, who might have one lying around.

    Should I try to do something ?