mySociety Disruptive Technology Talks

At mySociety we’re always very lucky to meet and spend time with some extremely diverse and impressive people.

We thought it would be great to share a bit of that good fortune by holding some talks from some of our favourite thinkers, and to have an excuse to meet more people in the wider mySociety community face to face.

To that end, we’re holding four talks in London this autumn (location TBD but almost certainly a centralish pub). Each link below goes to an Upcoming page where you can sign up to let us keep track of numbers and how big a venue we need.

4/10/2007 – Stefan Magdalinski, net-political troublemaker extraordinaire

1/11/2007 – Steve Coast, founder of Open Street Map

CANCELLED 29/11/2007 – Jason Kitcat, e-voting expert

12/12/2007 – Peter Wainman, IT-specialist solicitor and blogger

We look foward to seeing you there.


  1. I note the fields in which these guys work, but I would like more specifics about what they will be talking about, before I sign up. Just that they are disruptive, highly intelligent or extraordinaire is not enough. Or, am I being disruptive?

  2. As far as I’m aware, it is still going ahead and will take place at :
    London Knowledge Lab
    23-29 Emerald St
    London, England WC1N 3QS