Game, Set, and Matched

The last batch of councillor data arrived this morning, thanks very much to GovEval, so pratically every council (bar all Scottish councils and the 17 English councils that had boundary changes, for which we’re just awaiting a new version of Boundary-Line, Ordnance Survey’s product that says where constituency boundaries are) should now be contactable again through WriteToThem.

I’ve been doing some work on helping people promote our sites and the things on them – spurred by a request from a user who was holding a street party, we’ve made some posters and flyers for FixMyStreet (thanks to volunteer Ayesha Garrett for designing them), and we’ve started providing online tools to promote pledges on PledgeBank, including an up-to-date status image or text of a particular pledge, alongside the established, more offline, flyers.

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  1. I am concerned that very good pledges and emails are being rejected because person deciding is’nt very well educated and cannot understand discretion needed to address because on a remit in an organisation that copies fascistic call centre . They are doing the work of boss bought in on contract to NOT REPRESENT – in a democracy ? If they don’t understand fully and I am dyspraxic does this mean if you have disabilities not allowed to make as admin won’t assist or take up .How are you going to address this? Is your set up the same?