We’ve renamed NeighbourhoodFix-It to FixMyStreet! Everything will continue to work the same, so get reporting those abandoned fridges and uncleaned up dog poo. Old links should redirect to the new domain.

Matthew explains why we did this in the FAQ:

Wasn’t this site called Neighbourhood Fix-It?

Yes, we changed the name mid June 2007. We decided Neighbourhood Fix-It was a bit of a mouthful, hard to spell, and hard to publicise (does the URL have a dash in it or not?). The domain FixMyStreet became available recently, and everyone liked the name.

Thanks to Tom Loosemore for telling us that the old name was just too cumbersome, and Matthew for reworking it (and improving the front page to boot!) in what felt like 3 seconds flat.


  1. Francis Irving

    Just to say that this is another example of how everything counts about a website. Not just how usable it is once you get there, but also search engine rankings, and a memorable, meaningful name. The whole picture of how users are affected by your site is what matters.

  2. Paul – we never registered a NeighbourhoodFixIt domain with a hyphen. Where did you find that link?