My favourite ever pledges on PledgeBank

Which are yours?

Bakul-Library – it’s just awesome, that they used PledgeBank, that they got a 1000 people, and that they’re going to make a new library in India because of it.

deathpenalty – Not because it was effective, and not because I agree with it. But because I disagree with it, and because of the reaction it got from left-wingers not used to seeing other points of view. PledgeBank is for anyone.

walkout – PledgeBank offline. These school students got together to march against war (whatever or yippeee), but just LOOK at how many text message sign ups there were. Tom saw in London an illegally flyposted flyer.

First1000 – I mean, they may be crazy libertarians, but ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE are going to move house. OK loads won’t move. But hundreds will.

tunepiano – It’s about fun and joy, not just politics and worthiness (bit of a worthy example to make that point I know, but it is a piano!)


  1. Hi Francis – I’m quite a fan of the method used by the church-and-state pledge. Signatories of this successful pledge sent one of Richard Dawkins’ polemics to every MP in the country. Perhaps, out of pity for the researchers who will actually have to read the book, we should arrange for something a little lighter, like a Jilly Cooper novel, to be sent next.