Neighbourhood Fix-It passes 1000th report

Just a week after doing the proper press launch Neighbourhood Fix-It has passed its 1000th confirmed problem report.

The next two features to add, in response to demands from users and councils are:

  1. The integration of the Ordnance Survey’s Address-Point dataset, so we can give councils a nearest street address, not just a map.
  2. A facility so that councils can enter and update different contact email addresses for different sorts of problem, if the central email address we use at the moment isn’t what they want. We’ll base the categories on the government standards for these things.

Matthew is doing these, so they’ll probably be finished before I finish this post 🙂


  1. Your Neighbourhoodfixit web site is great – simple to use, achieves the aim in a tenth of the time it takes to navigate around a borough council web site and most importantly is COMMUNITY orientated and owned. Brilliant and a fantastic legacy to Chris Lightfoot.

  2. Congratulations to the team that developed this. I used it for a local issue in my city and the council responded very quickly.
    I saw the obituary in The Times for Chris. He must have been quite a guy.

  3. we’re concerned about a green car (with flat tyre) parked outside our house (96 westbury rd KT35AN )for several weeks now. Could you investigate.