What are your big goals?

Sadly this year, the day long pre-Christmas hackathon that previously created HassleMe.co.uk and, ahem, DirectionlessGov didn’t happen.

However, we have thrown up this list of big goals we would like to see achieved in the next year or two. They’re more ambitious than things we’ve done before because most of them involve persuading other people to do things differently, rather than us just charging ahead uninvited.

What do you think? What else should be on there? And if you work in this area yourself, what are your big goals?

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  1. can you devise a mechanism for consensus voting on the internet?

    the implications of putting various options in order of preference are much greater than might immediately be imagined. in fact the idea has the potential to remove a hell of a lot of unnecessary conflict from the way the world is managed.

    you can find out more about them at http://www.deborda.org – and i strongly suggest you do that.

    if you’re impressed by what you read, as i was, can you think how supporters of consensus might replace the tyranny of the majority, which looks as outdated now as the divine right of kings?

    one answer might be to empower, say, local councillors to set up closed online systems to seek the views of their constituents on a variety of issues as they come up at the council. then the council as a whole might take up the system, removing party squabbles from town hall meetings… and if that worked, even national politicians might take notice.

    how feasible would it be to set up that kind of system?