Event to discuss TheyWorkForYou in Parliament Tomorrow

We’re holding an event in Portcullis House, Parliament tomorrow evening, Tuesday 7th November, to discuss the issue of TheyWorkForYou.com influencing the behaviour of MPs.

We’ve just been moved to a slightly larger room than planned, so we’re no longer sold out. If you’d like to come, please get in touch so we can put your name on the guest list and give you proper instructions.


  1. Tom et al. I made some notes – you did say that you’d post up something on the lines of key points and comments, your reactions, what can and cannot be done etc

  2. Thanks for the reminders. It was a few months ago now, but as I remember it, the key conclusions were:

    1. It was not considered a good idea to build a feature to let people table their own PQs, because the language in which they have to be done is so strict that most would get ignored.

    2. The two MPs who showed up were actually rather unhappy with TWFY, despite, when pushed, both saying that thought it was a good thing that it existed. Most of their complaints revolved around the picture of their activities being incomplete.

    3. We decided that providing raw data with heavy caveats about the use and meaning remained the best way of handling the data.

    4. We concluded from the evidence that there had been a just-about significant rise in the rate of PQ asking from 2005 to 2006, but that TWFY could not be proven to be the impact (the general election and all the new MPs being the major change factor).

    Those are the most important things as I remember them.