Two years ago today

It’s two years today that the first code was committed to mySociety’s CVS repository. In the interests of incremental delivery, it was a complete fully working version of FaxYourRepresentative (the working title for WriteToThem) which I wrote in about one minute. It did pretty well everything WriteToThem does, just much less user friendly, and looked like this. Of course, inevitably, Chris fixed a typo within 15 minutes.


  1. Not sure if this is of interest, but my development group switched from cvs to trac/subversion awhile ago. There’s a much better interface on the ticketing system and some fun project management add-ons. Which for us, meant it was used more often.
    With cvs (admittedly, we were doing command-line only) there was a strong inclination toward the post-it-note-on-monitor approach to ticketing.

  2. We find cvstrac pretty good at the moment – I’m guessing by the names that the Subversion trac was based on it. We’ve got pretty used to cvstrac and have patched it quite a bit, the migration would be a pain.

    I tend to use Subversion for new projects, but we won’t be migrating mySociety unless we have a very good reason.