Battle your way to Sedgefield!

It’s a Saturday, so I’m not going to talk about anything serious like our new TheyWorkForYou API. Matthew has just told you all about that much better than I could.

No instead, obviously what you need is a game to play. And none of those new-fangled flash things. You need a good old text game. And that buzzing feeling of revenge for overpowering MPs of your choice.

Welcome to MP fight!

Battle your way to Sedgefield! A game, by Francis Irving
Built using the TheyWorkForYou API
Type 'q', 'quit' or 'exit' at any time to finish.

Enter your postcode.

Play MP fight! Start good old telnet (type “telnet” in Start | Run on Windows, or use the command line on Macs or Linux), connect to on port 646. Or try Chris‘ web version, although it just doesn’t have the same retro charm.

Post your experience score and how far you got in the comments below. If it’s too easy, try a friend’s postcode. Maybe in Scotland. It’s hard to get out of Scotland.


  1. Yeah. Even small games like this need play testing and tweaking. Letting you pass through your own parties constituencies made it just enough easier, as well as more varied. Also since you last played it, I added the compass bearings, making it easier to find Sedgefield.

    Oh and the prize. You’ll like the prize 🙂

  2. Hm. I got to Scunthorpe but was smitten by (?) Elliot Morley’s invulnerability. But Jeremy Hunt’s brown nosedness is a great weapon to have to hand!

  3. What? Tony Blair has better laziness than George Galloway? And I even wandered around Leeds before taking him on, racking up a whopping 7168 experience points.

  4. It’s not my fault! While George Galloway has attended a measly 15% of votes in this Parliament, Tony Blair has only attended 12%. I’m sure he’s got better things to do, like run the country or something. However, it does mean that he can smite you most effectively with his laziness!

  5. There seems to be a problem with Sedgefield constituency – is this maybe caused by the vacancy? It doesn’t die gracefully if you give it a Sedgefield postcode in the first place, and it won’t let you move into Sedgefield without dying if you start off in a neighbouring constituency like Hartlepool.