My second entry of 2006

I haven’t posted on here for six months; quality over quantity is my motto. 🙂 In that time I have answered a lot of user support email (we’re up to Ticket 5741 in RT, the subject of my last post, and quite a lot of that isn’t spam or out of office replies…) and made sure that Hansard has parsed successfully into TheyWorkForYou’s database every morning. I get all the fun jobs. 😉 Oh, I also quit my day job to work for mySociety basically full time, and wrote or helped write WriteToThem Lords, TheyWorkForYou Lords, various features and improvements to our other sites, and much else I’ve probably forgotten. It’s been fun.

Today, I gave a talk (my first!) at LUGRadio Live 2006 on mySociety in general, with various open source related ramblings in particular. I wrote the presentation in Slidy, Dave Raggett’s HTML slide generation software, which means anyone should be able to see it online at – I’ll try and add some speaking notes to explain some of the slides in more detail. The talks were all recorded, though the audio of the talk before mine didn’t work – I’m not sure if mine did, or if so, where they’re going to be uploaded, but I’ll post here if I find out.

Lastly, as a minor rant, my laptop’s power supply just stopped working yesterday – annoying when you hoped to use it for a talk the next day. I had bought it because my old one had become very frayed and liable to cut out randomly; I’ve had to switch back to that one (cutting out sometimes is better than nothing), and it’s proving very annoying. Dell using differently shaped plugs for all their models is rather annoying too. Grr.