Summer daze

No lolling about in the sun for us, as we follow an endless chain of projects through the hot months. Inured to hasslebot, we’ve not been posting to this blog much. Instead, busy working on, or soon about to work on:

  • The ePetitions site for Number 10
  • On a syndicated version of PledgeBank for someone’s large global warming campaign later in the year, and another for a fundraiser for a Brazilian NGO
  • Making more maps (like these) for the Department for Transport
  • Adding an API to TheyWorkForYou, paid for by an award from the Department for Constitutional Affairs
  • Meetings endless meetings. I’ve given up trying to track Tom meeting people, and just assume at all times he is in an important meeting.
  • Supporting all our existing sites – customer support emails, nursing parliament screen scrapers, fixing up WriteToThem contact details, making sure our servers don’t break.

And that’s without mentioning Neighbourhood Fix-it and the call for proposals. Later in the year. Have I missed anything?

Have a good weekend!