London Sport Program

Author: Jitka

What NEED does this meet?

This is a program which would make recreational sport in London easies and people would be more informed what is going on in their area or in discipline they are into. By simply putting in your post code, or sport discipline, date or ability, you find out where is your nearest sport facility, sport shop, bike shop, or just something happening etc.. People be also able to post their experiences with different stuff to do with leisure in London. This website should be as friendly to use as possible. You can find many websites which deal with different types of sport but would be good to have something simple and friendly to use. Also finding people doing the same thing in the same area, would be great. There is for example the Friday Night Skate, which is well organized, so everybody knows about it. There are other things which people don’t know about or just simply find partner to go rollerblade, run or cycle on a particular day. Information on the www would fill up by users and can be flagged by quality and popularity, so you can always know what is good and what is bad.

What is the APPROACH?

Start mapping areas where is what happening and make rough information. Then it would depends on the users what information they would put in. The look should be really simple and easy to use and searching in the database as well.

What are the BENEFITS to people?

People would find what is going on in terms or leisure and sport in their area or in discipline or on a date they want to find out the information. Finding partner for doing particular sport on a particular date would be also very beneficial as well.

What is the COMPETITION?

I think that London as a host for the 2012 Olympic games should have more active sporty people. In my opinion people would get more involved if there would be more information what is available.

What BUDGETS & LOGISTICS are required?

I’m not sure about the technical requirements, hosting etc. It will take lots of work at the beginning and than basic maintaining.

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  1. Would you believe it?! My friend Sam and I have made exactly the site you’re talking about! Got to fitrat, we launched a few days ago! The site’s content is entirely provided by clubs, venues, shops and people involved with Sport. It’s a totally free site and we’re currently working on a marketing strategy to get it heard about accross London and the UK. Get in touch if you have any feedback…