Author: Julie Shrive

What NEED does this meet?


relates to trying to contact you and e mails coming back when the fax your MP is being illegally maladministrated by PAs MPs with no DISCRETION

What is the APPROACH?

What can be done about PAs to MPs ignoring DISCRETION or NOT directing
> to MP what he should be dealing with. or them deferring They are
> illegally maladministrating like everyone else since derregulation-
> Thatcher – and IT and is Civil liberties abuse NO DISCRETION .

How about getting a petition together for PM from all l those whose MPs are
> doing this and find lawyers operating same system. But you will need to
> monitor otherwise it will never get there!!!
The BNP doesn’t need to get in it is here.Why are the least able in society – cheapeat labour running it unmonitored like robots[ reading off computers] directed by the corporate solely ?


What are the BENEFITS to people?

ALL society is taking its lead using consumer based approach using the dreaded CALL CENTRE on corporate remits buying in the unqualified professionals on CONTRACT who have not taken oaths of discretion so defer . When lawyers , politicians & jDoctors do this it causes human rights abuse access & provision fair trial
.It is not current research practice to rely totally on dubious statistics complied by the unqualified ethically .

What is the COMPETITION?

It is not economic to have Call centres that do not address Discretion as those who need it do not go away.NB Charities & all regulatory organisations operating same system

What BUDGETS & LOGISTICS are required?

Could be done initially via your website You could ask MPs, Lords MEPs to join & promote starting with LAs / PCT/SHA Bring back system before Thatcher where the public had direct contact & those in charge accountable . Those full time should not be just the corporate ??!!


  1. I think there is a huge advantage of using a web to intermediaries electors letters to MPS;

    are you saying that any letter that was not ilegal, profane or racially abusive etc could be posted up?; and the administrors could be bound by putting what action they had taken on each letter?; then the public and journalists etc can double check the patern of what letters are getting through and what are being blocked

    there are however problems;
    an awful lot depends on what classification system is used for the web’s layout; would the voter choose which classification to post the letter under? how could people interrogating the bank to see if there were any inappropriate blocking patterns want to search through the mails

    I’d like to feel this wasnt the first web in the world to be built around making banks of complaints or ideas transparent; any analogous cases out there already

  2. >I am not talking about your web . I am talking about domestic human rights civil liberties abuse where admin people directed by policy and procedure are operating without reason or qualification to protect own interest so do as told on a wage funded by the public . So conveniently ignore or misinnterpret .
    Isn’t it MPs responsibility to intervene and represent ? This is not happening as PAs maladministrate using convention with no discretion How do you propose to tackle or are you part of problem ?
    Ask the MPs if it is they or PA responding or not and what action they have taken Isn’t negligence, dishonesty and discrimination equally abusive? Does a web master have the authority to intervene and sort out injustice?