Hybrid virtual real democracy

Author: Ricardo Johansson

What NEED does this meet?

If there are two or more individuals in a community who desire to pull themselves out of the hole of apathy and powerlessness, they can introduce a hybrid system of physical/virtual decision making (already developed in NSW Australia). The virtual part is www.1062.org. This hybrid system is fair to both computer literate and non-computer literate citizens. This system has the potential for enabliing the community members to exercise whatever level of authority they choose.

What is the APPROACH?

These individuals can introduce a campaign to their communities that allows the community to sign a specific performance contract with candidates that requires the candidate to use this hybrid system that enables community members to exercise their civic responsibilities and participate in the local government decision-making process. This contract (already designed and introduced in NSW Australia) may specify what decisions a politician can make using his or her own discretion and what decisons require specific authorization from the people – before he/she casts a vote in chambers.

What are the BENEFITS to people?

If you could divide the local government decision-making process into two catagories: decisions made by local representatives without the consent of the people and decisions made by local representatives requiring prior approval of the people, what would be included in those two catagories? This is the choice of each community. It will make the local governance process much easier for both the community and the politician. If a politician breaches the contract, it is no longer the typical response: “vote for somone else when my term is finished.” The people can command real control in real time in a real democracy. The politician may be sued in a court of law for breach of contract.

What is the COMPETITION?


What BUDGETS & LOGISTICS are required?

Already built


  1. Ricardo Johansson


    The 1062. org technology has been freely given to http://www.upworldgov.org for the purpose of allowing people around the world to properly communicate with and mangage their various levels of government. This sytem interlinks all participating communities around the globe. There is no charge for membership on the UP site. Each member registering onto the site becomes a co-equal Trustee of the Trust. In other words, the people have full control of their virtual environment on this site.

  2. Sorry… It was a winner for me until “The politician may be sued in a court of law for breach of contract”.

    Why the bloody biscuits would anyone therefore go into politics?

  3. The politician, of his or her own free will, signs a contract with the community stating a committment to implement the will of the people. The people do this because they are tired of being ignored and being perpetual vicims of broken campaign promises. The people have finally awakened to the reality that they can have substantially more control over their elected public servants. A contract is enforceable in a court of law.

    If a politician breaches this contract by not imlementing the will of the people, the people, as any other damaged party, may find a remedy in a court of law. It’s that simple. If a politician is unhappy with this, then he or she should never sign the contract, and should never be considered as a potential candidate for office.

    As an alternative, completely determined by the community collectively, is an undated letter of resignation signed by each participating candidate. There re other possibilities as well that can be determined by the community.

    In Byron Bay NSW, Australia, leading up to the 2008 elections, there are already quite a few individuals who have stated interest in co-designing that contract and signing it as candidates.

    I would like to emphasize that each community is autonomous in this respect. Each community may deal with this issue in any way they collectively choose. This is real democracy in action. Decisions are made by everyone collectively – not just by one dictatorial individual or a few of them.

  4. I am a real politician in the US! I like your BASIC idea …that the Internet community CAN make a difference in politics.

    I seek your help. We can stop global warming. We can stop the Bush occupation of IRAQ. We can bring peace to the world.
    We simply need to come together, with a plan and the proper leadership. Good luck to all.

  5. Ricardo Johansson

    Update: See upbyron. com for the latest developments in the Byron Shire. These are exciting times.

  6. I like the gist of this, but why not get rid of the representatives altogether?

    With online technologies, we have everything we need to govern ourselves. Why do we continue to insist on having people lord over us? Is it just a throw-back to, well, all of the history of all animals? When you think about it though, there is no reason to go on like this.

    I have seen a few people trying to get this started, but so far only one organization is on the web: http://www.metagovernment.org


  7. Ricardo Johansson

    I believe that we have reached a time in human history where many understand that it’s the collective consciousness of humanity that creates what we see in the world. It’s really not an “us aganist them scenario.”

    I suggest you read the Funding section of upbyron .com (top navigation bar) for a better understanding of this idea.

    The people need to understand that they are the ultimate authority and exercise that authority in a way that they, collectively, see fit.

    Within a few week you wil be able to perform a search on http://www.youtube.com using the term “collective sovereignty” and view the new film animation that will be released to the world for the first time in Byron Bay NSW, Australia on 17 May 2007.