fantasy high street

Author: Christian Walsh

What NEED does this meet?

Supporting small businesses and independent shops, local libraries, swimming pools, churches, post offices – whatever you think a fantasy high street should contain.

What is the APPROACH?

Let voters submit their favourite butchers, launderette or chinese take away and – through online voting – build a fantasy high street for your neighbourhood. They all have to be real and within an agreed postcode. The website will create a three dimensional representation of the high street using user photos and imaginative graphics (think Cluedo meets the film Dogsville).

What are the BENEFITS to people?

It will showcase the best in local businesses through independent user reviews, allowing them to reallocate their resources that would otherwise have been spent on advertising. It also helps the public get to know what is good in their neighbourhood.

What is the COMPETITION?


What BUDGETS & LOGISTICS are required?

Start small by focusing on a particular postcode and roll it out nationally afterwards. Using UGC may help in terms of images and content. The key will be getting the fantasy high street to look good and making sure the voting is fair and transparent. Being such a media friendly topic will generate a lot of PR.

1 Comment

  1. I support the ambition of this proposal in supporting local shops.

    Given the choice, many people would prefer to support local shops rather than go to Pret, Starbucks, Next etc, but don’t because they are uncertain of the quality of service they will receive from an unknown brand.

    A national website where people can search on a map for user-reviewed local shops and services would allow people to find these services and, crucially, have confidence that they will receive good service.

    I think the ‘fantasy high st’ visualization is an interesting concept, but to start with it would be simpler and more practical to just show where local shops are and allow people to post reviews of them.