How much is that map in the window?

A charity wrote to us shortly after we published our time travel maps asking whether we could make such a map for them. We were happy to oblige – it is nice to know that there are real rather than theoretical users for work like this.

Obviously, we knew we couldn’t do this work without getting the data licenced for commercial use. So I called the Ordnance Survey, left a query, and after a couple of clarifications here’s what we got back:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: PGA Helpdesk
Date: 08-Jun-2006 17:15
Subject: RE: mySociety mapping
To: Tom Steinberg

Sorry for the delay. Prices would be…

25k – 16 tiles = £301.12
Code Point – £731.59
250k Raster – £106.22 for England cover or £183.22 for UK cover
(please ignore what I put below about 250k only being available in uk

All prices for 1 user, 1 year licence and exclude VAT. Terms of data
use are internal business use, display and promotion as long as there
is no financial gain.

Hope this is okay.

So fact fans, that’s between £837.81 and £1032.71 to produce a single map (depending on scale) as long as the user doesn’t publish it or show it to anyone else.

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