Call for Proposals Deadline Extended

The mySociety Call for Proposals 2006 will close officially at midnight on 16th June. There are already 70 proposals for new websites, and mySociety will build the best idea. We’ve postponed the close of the call for proposals so that it can feature in the next edition of the legendary email newsletter NTK.


  1. I have to say this looks a lot like shifting the goalposts to me.

    We were told all along, including by the BBC that the deadline was yesterday (1st June).

    Now on the 2nd, with no warning, it is moved to the 16th!

  2. Competition is healthy, but shifting the goalposts with no warning is a bit suspect to be honest.

    If the government shifted the deadline for a major tender with no advanced warning, then people would be Writing To Them!

    What about people who have worked on their proposals up to the previous deadline, and could have used 2 more weeks to improve their submission?

    And now the whole conditions will change, because there will be a flood of late entries from a ‘major newsletter’.

    I really don’t feel what you’re doing is especially fair to those who have expected the competition to close on 1st June.

  3. Hi Ash,

    The glorious thing about not being the government is that we can be flexible when circumstances require. We are a charitable project offering to build a site for free, not awarding a tender under EU rules or something!

    If you want to revise the submission, just let us know and we’ll remove the old one until you’re happy to submit a new one.

    all the best,


  4. Sabine K McNeill

    Pity that I learned only just now about this ‘tender’. I would LOVE to get the ‘Global Monitoring Project’ done. It is meant to highlight the exponential parallels between financial data and climate data – using publicly accessible data bases.

    If ‘they’ can do it in the City, why can’t ‘we’ do it on-screen?

    After all, the PM calls for a rational approach to the subject!

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