Year from your MP

Exactly a year ago, people started signing up to HearFromYourMP. Something in the heady post-General Election excitement made us decide to start harvesting email addresses, before we’d even built the site.

At first it was just a hacked together page (and database) on, which we sent people to from WriteToThem. Matthew and Chris then cleverly mutated it into the full live site it is now.

Some stats:

  • The first person to sign up was James Cronin (one of our trustees), at 11:17:17 on 5th May 2005.
  • The first message from an MP was written by Jo Swinson, and sent on the 14th October,
  • 5701 of you had signed up before we even launched the site on 21st November 2005.
  • By the end of 16th December 2005 all 646 constituencies had somebody waiting to hear from their MP. The last constituency to be signed up was Newry & Armagh, by the 8864th constituent.
  • You can see the graph of signups over the year.
  • We’ve now got 16049 signed up (oops, 16050…), one year later. We’ve sent 66 messages from MPs, and 53 comments from constituents.

The fun will be the next few years, as the figures waiting to hear from each MP (check on yours) gradually ratchet up.