Get Out!

Author: Mary Reid

What NEED does this meet?

We all need to get out – whether for walks in the country, to amuse the kids, to explore and learn, to get some exercise or just for a change of scene.

This project will accumulate the knowledge of people all over the country about where to go in the UK for a few hours, with the one condition that it must be FREE.

What is the APPROACH?

Google Maps will let anyone pinpoint a good place to go. The person who suggests a location also provides information about…

* Description of location
* What to do: eg admire the architecture, climb the hill, learn about a venue, walk in the woods
* Who would enjoy it: eg families with young children, railway enthusiasts, anyone wanting some peace and quiet
* How to get there: public transport links, carparking
* Accessibility: wheelchair/buggy accessible, some steps, challenging walking
* Seasonal information: opening and closing times (where relevant)
* Advice from people who have been there: eg walking boots advised, take bread for the ducks
* Links to information about the area

Other people then add to the body of knowledge and advice. This could be achieved ideally through a wiki, or alternatively through the normal comments mode.

The knowledge in Get Out! will be provided by the users, not the providers, so will echo the successful model developed by some travel sites where visitors rate hotels and resorts.

What are the BENEFITS to people?

The Web has plentiful information about commercial attractions, but it is often difficult to find out walks and interesting spots that cost nothing to enjoy.

Encouraging people to get out more will help to counteract the growing health and social problems caused by obesity, depression and lack of fitness.

What is the COMPETITION?

I have not found anything similar on a national scale, and it is difficult to find local information even where it exists.

There are some books about cheap days out, but these, of course, cost money themselves and are usually written from a limited perspective.

What BUDGETS & LOGISTICS are required?

This draws on techniques that have already been used by MySociety.