MyOnlinePresence webbook

Author: Mitja Sadar

What NEED does this meet?

Whenever I am trying to find personal webpages of any person, it feels just like picking up a phone and randomly calling numbers, hoping that you will find somebody you want to talk to. And phonebook was a great solution in solving the phone problem. The same principle could be applied to personal webpages on the internet. You could either enter name (or other detail (like interest, education ..) of the person you are looking for, and get a result (like a phone listing, except that you get webpage link instead of phone number). The project can at first be started in uk (for that purpose I already have a domain name and can later be easily expanded to cover the EU (at the .eu address which I have secured as well.

What is the APPROACH?

It will organise personal space (every user (uk at beginning, eu later on) will be able to list their page in the “webbook”, just as they can do in a phonebook.

What are the BENEFITS to people?

It will help organise personal pages and enable people looking to meet friends to avoid commercial sites

What is the COMPETITION?

So far I haven’t found any important.

What BUDGETS & LOGISTICS are required?

We will need to have a submit form, search form and results page, plus a page explaining the principle, all of those linked to a central database. also a member page where they can change the details or add pages wouldn’t hurt.

1 Comment

  1. Hi, I had think to build the site with the domain name (like Sadar for you) and whit a form serch for the name, country, etc that will display the result of the serach.
    For any name we have a subpage with web site, address and interest, education (some or all are optional informations).

    The difference from your project is the any name (any domain) had 1 or more users with this name that manage the site.

    The other users can donate for maintanance (is required a web space and the domain). Other money can be used for future year or donate to a no profit associations..

    We can also donate a e-mail to any new children that born!
    (Also a italian comics Beppe Grillo hope this, do you know..?

    Finally we can have a site for a all surname search that link the result to the (or so..)

    I had think to do this also with a software (a little framework in Ruby or Php) that can be download for create other site (I can do my surname site only..)

    I’m working in this direction but if you had more ideas or (first) money (I’m without work in this moment.. 🙂 )
    I can support you or go out.

    I’m very sorry for my bad english.