So, HassleMe launched today (despite mostly having been written just before Christmas). Good work by Etienne getting it all together. Today Matthew and I have been working on adding “instant-messenger” functionality to the site, which turns out to be a bit painful. Right now it seems like the most robust solution will be to use bitlbee, a proxy which allows you to interact with the various and wretched instant messenger protocols through the less varied and marginally less wretched IRC protocol.

Integrating a website with instant messenger is an interesting problem. I’m not yet sure how much of the experience of building sites which send and receive email will carry over. We’ll see….


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  2. HassleMe is a great tool but if it had an option for a precisely timed Hassle (say to the day of week and hour of day) it would be even better.

    And if you could submit a hassle to say “hassle me every x starting at y” that would be good. e.g. I want to be hassled at the start of the day but I’m setting up my hassle at the end of the day.