A prettier graph

After following nearly all of Chris’s advice, I’ve ended up with a much prettier graph.

Ah gnuplot! Love of my life. Scourge of Excel. Well, OK, maybe I don’t feel exactly like that, but if you’re comfortable with the shell it’s much easier to make a graph than in Excel.

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  1. Splendid 🙂

    I think you’ve forgotten “set ytics nomirror” (eliminate the confusing tic-marks on the RH y-axis); you might also want to “set ytics textcolor lt 1”, “set y2tics textcolor lt 2” (or vice versa, depending on your plot command), if you want to make even clearer which axis is which.

    Next you need to learn about labels and arrows. Something like,
    set arrow 1 from “2005-11-21”, 0 to “2005-11-21”, 9000 lt 0 nohead
    set label 1 “official launch of service” at “2005-11-19”, 9000 right rotate