PledgeBank is now available in Esperanto. Getting this translation up and running was very instructive. During the process, we found numerous strings missed from the translation file, a variety of interesting bugs, and had to make various improvements all over the place (things that are the same in English whether something is singular or plural are not so in other languages, and the fonts that we use for PDF posters don’t contain the glyphs needed, to name but two examples).

From a technical point of view, we now have a suite of scripts that bring our main .po file up to date with what’s currently on the site (including coping with oddities like email templates, JavaScript text), merge this in with the translations that already exist (so nothing is lost), and update everything on the site, giving stats of how much has been translated in a particular language. Very handy.

Many thanks go to Tim Morley, the translator, who now finds himself having to respond to any Esperanto contact emails we get (sorry!) 🙂

Spanish also went live recently (thanks Hugo!), Russian and Ukranian are both near completion, German is on its way, and there are others we’ve heard about too, like Greek and Polish.