And a graph…

Since no day is complete without a graph.

HearFromYourMP signups

(As you can see I’ve been learning gnuplot, although I’m not as good as Chris yet. gnuplot is actually quite good.)


  1. Good good, we’ll get you all addicted soon….

    Following Tufte’s advice to reduce the ratio of ink / data, you should:

    Remove the border of the plot (“unset border”).
    Only have ticks on the S and E sides (“set xtics nomirror”, “set ytics nomirror”).
    Get rid of the redundant information in the key (“set nokey”) — and if you don’t, at least write “signup” or “sign up” consistently!
    Probably get rid of the x-axis label (“unset xlabel”).
    Not repeat the year in each x-axis label (this is a bit ugly, unfortunately, if you do want to put the year on one of them; I think you have to manually specify it).
    Use a less horrid font — I think you do this by setting GD_FONT to the name of a Truetype font, less the “.ttf” suffix, in the environment, but there’s an example in the PledgeBank code anyway.

    Also explain what you’re plotting — signups/day aggregated over what time period? Calendar days, I guess, but you don’t say. And to repeat something I’ve said before, I’d advocate also plotting the total number of signers as a function of time (on a separate, and separately-labelled, y-axis), since that gives a bit more information than the signup rate alone.