mySociety is coming to North America

Hello everyone,

This Tuesday I am heading to North America for a couple of weeks to spread the news about PledgeBank and mySociety. I’d love to meet as many people as possible who are interested in mySociety, or who might become so, and I’m travelling all over the continent to do so.

I’m visiting now because we’ve quietly been doing lots of work to make our most popular site yet,PledgeBank, a truly international site with the ability to create, search and subscribe to pledges in any one of over 2 million cities, towns and villages around the world. We’ve also engineered the site so that volunteer translators can help us translate the whole site into other languages just by editing one easy text file. This is the first time a mySociety project has been truly international, and we’re keen to share our free services beyond the borders of the UK.

We’ve not done any publicity in the US yet because we know from experience that it is was an essential part of the highly successful UK launch that we had a variety of strong, clear and practical pledges ready to go from day one. Discussing potential US and Canada based pledges and building informal partnerships is what this is all about.

So, if you are in the US or Canada, or you know someone who is and who would be interested in meeting, please get in touch with

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