International local alerts

Back from holiday in Edinburgh last week, where amongst other things I went to see NTK-recommended Coelcanth about an alternate reality England which didn’t get deforested, and where tree climbing is a national sport. It was excellent.

Currently my goal is to do stuff for the launch of PledgeBank in the US. At the moment I’m adding signup for local alerts in other countries. Then there are quite a few small URL and text tweaks do to do. For example, displaying US and global pledges only on the front page of the US site.

The hard question about all this is how to present all the slices of PledgeBank data that there are. By country, by local place, by language, by category. I’m completely ducking it by just worrying about there being a UK and a US site. This is often a good approach when your head is tangled by over complex abstract software requirements – focus in and solve the part of the problem that’s actually needed next.

Plenty more trees to climb later.