Back from the farm

I guess I should post the photos from our week in Wales. An excellent time was had by all, and I haven’t had to eat since. 😉 We started testing PledgeBank in Portuguese (many thanks to Fabiana for the translation), worked on YCML and what to do with international pledges, and more, all whilst sharing a 26.4k (if we were lucky) dial-up connection. I also began getting to grips with juggling, something I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. 🙂

We worked in a lovely converted room in the first floor of a barn. The farm came complete with chickens, peacocks, dog, cat, and sheep. Sheep grazed in the field next door to our office. The birds seemed to be doing all right for themselves, grazing around the farm. The bucket of water was probably mostly for the dog, Molly, but the chickens had turns too. After setting off on our walk, we quickly came across a pretty church. Even from far away to the east, you could still make out the farm, our office and the field where our tent was. One field contained many beehives. Another farm we stumbled across had the intriguing sign: 'Last inhabited 1955 by Ted Triggs and family' Views of the Brecons were magnificent. Proceeding in a circular route round to the west, we came in view of our farm again. Again, lovely views of the Welsh hills. I think the sheep near the office were spying on us. When sheep realise you have food for them, they run rather fast and make the ground shake. No sense of decorum, they just climb on top of each other to get to the food. Goodbye to the peacocks and hens, who don't seem to notice our going.