I’m just filling out my own questionnaire about the direction in which mySociety and UKCOD should head from now on. Interesting times, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else’s answers are like. If you’ve any thoughts on overall strategy, please post them here!

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  1. Well, where to start? You’ve covered so much ground already, and you’ve not let the impossible get in the way. I’d take a break for a fortnight and then do more of the same. 🙂

    A lot of the projects you’re doing are influencing a lot of thoughts I’m having around my own site. At the moment it’s a blog, but I’m thinking whether I need to start making it more useable as a venue for the type of politics I’m advocating. Your work is quite inspiring when I think about this late at night, so if you like what I write, then feel proud. If you don’t, then, well, I’m sorry, but that’s liberty and democracy for you. 🙂

    I think there is definitely more space for making more parts of society more open, more accountable and more accessible. What you might need to do is work out where people’s priorities lie. You might also consider looking at those areas that don’t get too much attention such as regional assemblies, the European Parliament, quangos, etc.

    Whatever you do, keep up the good work. And I might be in touch in a couple of months to see if I can help out in any way.