Everyone likes graphs

Just a short one for today. Here’s a plot of the rate of take-up of Engineers Without Borders UK’s successful pledge to solicit funding for a development project in Suriname (the first of what we hope will be many projects using PledgeBank to raise funds):

[Plot showing takeup of EWB Suriname fundraising pledge – image gone]

— we’ll be incorporating this (and some other handy information, such as how many people are looking at the pledge pages and which sites link to them) into the site some time soon to help pledge creators see how they’re doing at publicising the pledges (and also because graphs look cool).

Today’s other task was to switch the live site over to using the new login system which Francis mentioned the other day. This was complicated by the fact that there might be some users who had received a signup token, but hadn’t clicked through on the token to actually complete their signup before the site was shut down for the upgrade. The solution to this is a bit nasty, but it seems to have worked OK, which is nice.