Grinding away at PledgeBank

Today Chris and I have been doing more work and thinking about PledgeBank.

Chris is busily adding login. Not compulsory evil login, but a more unobtrusive sort. Hopefully. We want to reduce the number of emails with tokens that the site has to send, and also to add new features. For example, to highlight comments from the pledge creator, and allow him to send emails at will to the pledge signers. Later on maybe we’ll have photo uploads, to make the pledge pages more personal and engaging.

Meanwhile, I’ve been fiddling with the test harness (again), and now I’m reworking the new pledge form. Nobody looks at the second page, but we really want people to specify if their pledge is UK specific, and give a central location (by postcode, of course). This information will be used to help people find pledges, partly by syndication. We’re also adding categories (taken from iCan) for the same reason.

There’s another reason we want to know if pledges are local or not. If they are, then we can encourage people to print out flyers to leaflet people with. Otherwise they’re better off using the “email a friend” facility. The way pledges should be presented might vary quite a lot according to what they are for.